BeReal Anti Instagram Honest Photo Application. How does it work?


The anti-Instagram honest photo application is currently quite popular in America. Turns out, Instagram isn’t the only photo-sharing app that’s trending among American teens.

In fact, there are similar applications that are no less popular in the country. This application is called BeReal which is an application made by former GoPro employee Alexis Barreyat in collaboration with Kevin Perreau.

BeReal has officially launched since December 2019. In this application initially there was an idea to ask users to post photos without any filters and edit them once a day.

This takes place after receiving a push notification.

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Get to know the Anti-Instagram Honest Photo Application that is Popular in America

Social media platforms like Instagram, exist with the aim of giving people a glimpse into digital-curated life that users will choose for themselves.

But this is not something that is really original. In fact, there is no semblance of authenticity across most social media platforms.

Because of this, a number of social media companies are focused on authenticity, which has no place for Photoshopped images or dubsmash videos with multiple filters on them.

One such platform is BeReal, which has grown rapidly over the past few years since its official launch.

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How the BeReal Application Works

The way the Honest Anti Instagram photo app works is quite simple. By asking users to post high-level insights into daily activities.

This post lasts for a 2 minute break which changes daily. Posts are present in the form of photos.

This includes snapshots that the user takes simultaneously by the phone’s front as well as rear camera.

Also, users won’t be able to see what other users have posted, unless you post it. So it forces you to participate a little.

The official BeReal app was launched by former GoPro employee, Alexis Barreyat.

Through this anti-Instagram honest photo application, it forces users to post and see what real life is like on social media.

Although the BeReal app doesn’t offer a lot of new technology, its functionality makes this app stand out more.

In contrast to other social media platforms that force users to make the best out of their lives.

Whereas in turn means, a person’s visible and visible feed is not just a post, which shows the person is living the perfect life.

This was very helpful in eliminating the phenomenon that many came to know as toxic positivity.

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Through the BeReal application, users can see a different side. Not only from the side that looks beautiful and perfect. Since last January, daily downloads of apps have increased by 315%.

Since April 1st, this Honest Anti Instagram photo app has been in the top 10 most downloaded free social networking apps for iPhone almost every day.


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