BANK Stock History Improves from Several Recommendations in 2022

The history of BANK stocks was not as popular as it is today. But now there are several lists of the best BANK stocks in 2022.

So you can make a recommendation as a stock of choice from the banking sector.

Moreover, these banking stocks have shown a fairly good performance and have increased since the beginning of 2022.

Until now, the movement of banking stock prices showed a significant increase. This can be seen from the history of the BANK’s stock which continues to change from time to time.

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BANK Stock History and Best Recommendations 2022

BANK shares are engaged in the banking sector which plays an important role in the economy of the community. There are many BANK recommendations which now have a fairly good movement from the beginning of 2022.

The following is a list of the best banking stock recommendations this year, namely:

1. BRI

The recommendation for the best banking stock this year is BRI. The history of BANK stocks has always experienced a fairly high increase.

Just as BRI with the stock code BBRI has a popularity that does not need to be doubted anymore.

This stock investment is chosen for the long term. This bank issuer has fairly solid fundamentals and minimal risk.

Not only that, BBRI’s shares have increased quite significantly this year.

The profit generated during the pandemic is also quite high. BBRI’s profit increased to 5 trillion when compared to 2020.

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2. Bank Bumi Arta

The history of BANK’s shares also tells an interesting story, until now some of the best stock recommendations have emerged, such as Bank Bumi Arta. The stock code is BEI BNBA with a fairly good performance.

This is also shown in the success achieved with a record increase in net profit of up to 140% yoy. If you compare it with the previous record, it reached Rp 47.8 billion.

Not only that, the data on customers who have problems with banks are also relatively small. The numbers are 2.1% and 3.17%.

The smaller the customer problems at a bank prove the performance of the issuer.

3. Bank Mandiri

The next list of the best bank shares also came from Bank Mandiri. The history of this one BANK stock is quite well known.

Bank Mandiri has a pretty good history, even in 2021, Bank Mandiri recorded a net profit of 33% yoy.

The value of the figure reaches Rp. 22.4 trillion. Not only that, this one bank credit also increased from a total of Rp 763 trillion to Rp 808 trillion.

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4. BCA

Bank Central Asia or BCA has the stock code BBCA. This bank continues to have good performance until this year.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the stock is still performing. BCA bank shares are included in the Blue Chip.

The stock price which tends to be stable from year to year has made a record profit of Rp. 30 trillion.

Until 2022, the history of BANK BCA shares recorded a profit increase of approximately Rp. 3 trillion compared to 2020. (R10/HR-Online)

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