AXIO Shares Up 35% at First Session Close

AXIO’s stock rose 35% on its debut to hit the ARA limit. This news came yesterday on July 20, 2022.

Axio brand laptop manufacturer PT Tera Data Indonusa Tbk is officially listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

AXIO shares shot up to the level of Rp 189 per share. The increase shot 49 points or equivalent to 35% which is known as Auto Reject Top (ARA).

This stock has a market capacity of Rp 1.1 trillion. With this condition, investors are enthusiastic to welcome it.

This can also be seen from the amount of interest during the offer. Even the condition of Axio’s stock rose 35%, this caused oversubscribe 78 times.

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AXIO Shares Up 35% To Reach ARA Peak

PT Tera Data Indonusa Tbk was officially listed on the IDX on Wednesday. At the close of its first trading session, AXIO’s shares shot up quite high.

The figure shown is IDR 189 per share at the opening of its first trading. AXIO’s shares rose by Rp 20 to Rp 160 per share.

Whereas previously AXIO itself was set at an IPO price of IDR 140 per share.

AXIO’s highest share position is at Rp 189 and the lowest is at Rp 160 per share. The total trading frequency is 5,503 times with a volume of 749,397 shares.

The transaction value reached Rp. 14 billion. The stock gain occurred amid the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) which showed 1.8% to 6,857.03.

A total of 357 stocks rose, 161 stocks remained silent and 136 stocks weakened.

The total trading frequency is 766,507 times and the volume is 13.8 billion shares. The transaction value is IDR 9.1 trillion.

According to its president director, Michael Sugiarto, if the IPO offering, the company will release a total of 1,040,126,500 shares to the public with a nominal value of Rp 25 per share.

In this condition, from the data, it can be concluded that the company is able to obtain fresh funds of up to Rp. 145.617 billion. This shows that the IPO price of the AXIO brand laptop is Rp. 140 per share.

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Details of AXIO Shares IPO proceeds

AXIO shares rose 35% to provide a fairly high yield. Michael himself also said that 90 percent of the IPO proceeds will be used for working capital.

This aims to support the increase in the company’s sales. Starting from purchasing raw material components and product spare parts. Includes LCD, motherboard, SSD, RAM and many others.

In addition, these funds are also useful for financing accounts receivable, improving the quality of human resources. It can be through internal or external training, development, and distribution channel development.

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Through marketing personnel and expanding the scope of improvements in the marketing area. After that, it is useful for capital expenditures, namely the expansion of the warehouse area and production equipment.

With AXIO’s shares up 35% this makes the income even higher. The proceeds from the IPO of PT Tera Data Indonusa Tbk were successfully managed and used to increase the company’s sales going forward. (R10/HR-Online)

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