Asus VivoBook K513EA-L523TS Has an OLED Screen and Thin Bezels


Asus VivoBook K513EA-L523TS is a laptop that can be your best choice. Because it can support all daily needs.

Because this device has brought features in the form of an Intel Core i5-1135G7 gen-11 with a clock speed of up to 2.4 Hz.

So you can do more tasks very easily and complete tasks more on time. In essence, if you are looking for the ideal computing laptop, this device from Asus seems to be the best choice.

Usually a laptop with an OLED screen type will have a price of up to tens of millions, but this is different from this laptop. Although this VivoBook comes with an OLED screen, in fact it has a relatively cheap price.

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How not, as the best laptop, the device made by the Asus company this time has a price of around 10 million. This is certainly very interesting, considering that it is very rare for an OLED laptop to offer such a low price.

So that the presence of the Asus VivoBook K513EA-L523TS this time is able to trigger the presence of other OLED laptops at more economical prices. However, it seems that this one device has actually entered the market.

Furthermore, the specifications offered are also similar, which are both using the 11th generation Intel Core. Not only that, but it can also be said to be a fresh version than before and experience a better refresh.

Wider Screen Size

Back to the previous discussion, that the Asus VivoBook K513EA-L523TS comes with the latest OLED screen. The presence of a number 5 in the code name is able to show that this laptop carries a 15.6-inch wide screen.

Furthermore, the screen is Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels and the screen-to-body ratio is up to 85%. Even more interesting, that the screen also feels quite wide thanks to the technology in the form of NanoEdge Display.

Well, this one technology is able to make the screen have a super thin bezel so that it makes the body part slimmer. As for the top there is a webcam that is useful for online video conferencing for all needs.

Even the video quality is quite good as long as it is in a room with sufficient light. If it’s a little dark, the webcam can display slightly blurry video and a lot of noise.

Better Performance

This time the Asus VivoBook K513EA-L523TS uses the i3-1115G4 Tiger Lake U which is based on 10nm fabrication with a speed of 3 GHz. Reportedly this processor also has 2 Cores and 4 Threads and is complete with a maximum TDP of up to 28 watts.

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Even the processor is one type of processor that is comfortable if you use it for all your needs such as work. In addition, this laptop comes with three different modes such as performance, whisper, and standard.

Because the three modes like that you can set using a key combination or on applications from Asus. Especially for the performance mode itself, it can make it work hard to produce the best performance.

Meanwhile, for whisper mode being able to make the fan won’t work too hard. As for the standard mode is a mode between the two previous modes tu.

Design and Keyboard

This Asus VivoBook K513EA-L523TS comes with many choices which of course have a very special design. The design tends to be more premium and is a combination of aluminum alloy and plastic.

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So that the combination of designs is able to produce a laptop that feels better for handheld users. Although the surface of this laptop is easily exposed to fingerprints, the premium impression will not be lost.

Thanks to the Asus ViVoBook logo on the laptop, it is able to make it have more value. Its weight is also very light, which is only 1.7 kg which matches the size of the 15-inch screen.

Given that the screen is quite wide, it’s no wonder that the dimensions are also quite attractive. Therefore, this laptop from Asus doesn’t feel heavy when you put it in your bag.

Reportedly, the Asus VivoBook K513EA-L523TS sales box is complete with manuals, chargers, and other slot equipment. Interesting right?


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