Apple MacBook Pro M1 MYD92HN/A is here, check the specifications and design


Apple MacBook Pro M1 MYD92HN/A is one of the interesting laptop devices from Apple that can support the activities of users.

Why not, because this laptop offers extraordinary battery life, because in initial testing it has good performance.

In addition, it is also classified as the most innovative Apple laptop ever and can be your best choice. So that the existence of this new device is able to support all forms of your daily activities easily and comfortably.

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Apple MacBook Pro M1 MYD92HN/A Comes As An Attractive Laptop

Never get bored, the Apple company always makes his fans feel happy thanks to his device. Apple always innovates in presenting various kinds of superior products that can make everyone interested in buying them.

How not, because the various products owned by the company can be an option for most people in general. Many of them choose Apple products because of technological sophistication and a relatively simple design.

Call it like this Apple MacBook Pro M1 MYD92HN/A, which is one of the products from Apple that brings many advantages.

With these advantages, it is not surprising that this product can be one of the best choices for everyone, including you.

Therefore, for those of you who are looking for a laptop with the best specifications, it looks like this device from Apple could be the choice. Because, when you use it you can feel a much higher level of comfort.

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Charming Screen Display

In terms of screen, the Apple MacBook Pro M1 MYD92HN/A comes with a fairly wide screen size. Because the latest laptop device from Apple carries a screen with an area of ​​​​up to 13.3 inches or 33.78 cm.

Not only that, but also with a resolution level of 2560×1600 which can make your performance level better. Even the 13.3-inch retina screen allows you to see each content more clearly.

Do not forget that the Apple company also embeds a camera with a size of up to 720p FaceTime HD. So this is able to support your daily needs to be more perfect and optimal again.

Well, for the type of screen itself, it is an IPS Quad LED Backlit with a brightness level of up to 500 nits.

Meanwhile, the refresh rate is up to 120Hz which will certainly make its users comfortable.


In terms of performance, the Apple MacBook Pro M1 MYD92HN/A comes with a very high and capable processor.

Because this laptop comes with an Apple M1 processor, as the name itself implies, namely the MacBook Pro 1.

Next to the speed level is 1.0 GHz clock and 8GB DDR4 RAM memory capacity and 1TB storage.

It is even reported that this time Apple has set the standard in computing because of the Apple M1 chip processor.

Why not, because it has an 8-Core GPU with 4-Core, 4 efficiency Core, 8-Core GPU, and a 16-Core neural engine.

Meanwhile, this variant of the processor is Big Sur, an incredibly fast processor to bring all the productivity to better games.

So that things like this will not slow you down and the quality and quantity of work will never be disturbed.

The presence of 8GB of RAM also ensures you can do more tasks with lightning response.

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Other Specifications

This Apple MacBook Pro M1 MYD92HN/A is a convenient choice for everyone who wants to be oriented towards more modern technology.

In addition, it carries a built-in 58.2 Watt-hour Lithium-Polymer battery and can last up to more than 17 hours of use.

Not only that, but also brings a power adapter in the form of a 61 Watt USB-C and a magic keyboard with the best backlight. There is even a touch bar, touch ID sensor, and an ambient light sensor that can support the needs of its users.

Even a handy force touch trackpad for more precise cursor control as well as the ability for pressure sensing.

In addition, there are also stereo speakers that have a higher dynamic range. Able to offer a wider stereo sound and with support for Dolby Atmos playback as well.

This Apple MacBook Pro M1 MYD92HN/A also features a studio-quality 3-microphone array with directional beamforming and a 0.35cm headphone jack.


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