Ancient Ocean on Mars Discovered by Chinese Exploring Robot


The ancient ocean on Mars has just been proven by researchers through a Chinese rover robot.

The rover robot has been traveling around the red planet for some time. This time the rover Zhurong again found new evidence showing that Mars once owned the sea.

Not only that, this discovery also reveals the fact that the planet has the same water cycle as Earth.

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Finding Evidence of the Ancient Ocean on Mars

China’s rover on Mars has found a hydrated mineral located in a vast basin. The basin is believed to be the site of an ancient ocean on the planet.

This discovery suggests that water has been present on the planet’s surface for longer than previously thought.

“According to an analysis of the data that the Zhurong rover sent back, the water signatures detected in the mineral samples were 700 million years ago,” the scientists wrote in the paper in the journal Science Advances.

Researchers believe that Mars was wet until about 3 billion years ago, when the geological epochs of the two planets took place. This period is also known as the Hesperian Age.

“The mineral-rich soil in the Zhurong sample has a hard crust and could have been formed by rising groundwater or melting ice that has evaporated,” the Chinese scientists wrote.

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Collecting data

The Chinese robot rover has been exploring the vast plains of Utopia Planitia on Mars since its landing in May last year.

The rover, which has the name Zhurong, had traveled about 2 kilometers from its landing site at the time of collecting data.

Since this time Zhurong has managed to gather some new planetary facts, including evidence of an ancient ocean on Mars.

In recent years, the ESA has carried out orbiter investigation operations.

Through this data, researchers have succeeded in finding water under the ice at the south pole of the planet.

Evidence shows that nearly all of the water on Mars is trapped in the polar ice caps.

These shapes are seen by the traces they leave very small in the planet’s thin atmosphere.

By discovering water below the surface, it has become a key determinant of the potential for life on the planet and also provides a variety of permanent resources that meet human exploration needs.

Previously, the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk stated that his space company could send humans to Mars in the next five years. According to him, the worst possibility is 10 years.

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Elon Musk also said that one of the factors that allowed humans to Mars is rocket engineering.

The discovery of little evidence of the existence of ancient oceans on Mars by the Zhurong rover proves that Earth’s neighboring planet underwent a very long evolution. Then it can pave the way for future research.


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