Adult Android Games, Keep Out of Children’s Reach When Playing!

Adult Android games of course have slightly different content from the others.

Such content is usually not good for children. The age limit for accessing adult games is 18 years old.

There are also quite a few adult games on Android that you can play. What are you?

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List of Special Adult Android Games 18+

Playing Android games is always fun. Android currently also has many game genres for its users.

For adult gamers, you may want to try an unusual game. The term adult game is a game that has content for adults.

That’s why, adult games are not allowed for small children to access. Curious about anything? Here is the list.

Playboy The Mansion

From the name alone, you might already know that this game contains vulgar elements in it.

That’s why, Playboy The Mansion is only focused on adults, especially men who really want to win women’s hearts.

The gameplay of Playboy The Mansion is to collect lots of women. The more women you get, the more points you will get.

The plot that Playboy The Mansion presents is actually quite relaxed. It’s just that the appearance of the woman in it is quite sexy and also the kissing scene that often appears.

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Summertime Saga

The Summertime Saga game was actually first available on PC devices. The presence of the mobile version of this game turned out to be quite lively.

Summertime Saga tells the story of a teenage boy who has just entered college. Unfortunately, the teenager’s father died mysteriously.

The search results stated that the character’s father was in debt by a mafia group and ultimately became the responsibility of the child.

To make money, you will do many things, from working in a nightclub to being a date with a rich woman.

Kunoichi Trainer

Kunoichi Trainer is the next adult Android game. This game is set in the background of one of the favorite anime of all time, Naruto.

You will live the life of a ninja in Konoha Village. Kunoichi Trainer is a very interactive game.

However, you will not fight against the enemy. In the Kunoichi Trainer, you will only interact with beautiful women and date them.

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Sexy Academy

This next game is an adaptation of a popular Japanese game. Sexy Academy tells the story of a variety of beautiful female heroes.

The hero will wait for you to collect and receive orders from the Master Summoner. Even though it seems sexy, playing the Sexy Academy game requires high focus.

You need to have good tactics and skills in order to win the game. Therefore, you have to rely on instinct while playing.

Make sure you are over 18 years old if you want to play these adult Android games. Don’t forget to also avoid games from small children around you.

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