110 Snakes in the Dancing Village Community Service Film Deployed for Scenes

A total of 110 snakes in the film KKN Desa Penari were mobilized for the purposes of the scene. The presence of hundreds of snakes became one of the horrors on the set of the horror film. Even so, the snakes were escorted by their handlers, so the filming process went smoothly.

“But the type of snake that can be found in Yogyakarta. Because if not, then it won’t fit,” he said during the Gala Premiere at Epicentrum XXI, South Jakarta, some time ago.

The producer of the KKN film in Penari Village, Manoj Punjabi also said that his party deliberately involved real snakes to make it look more real.

“I want a lot of snakes, even hundreds if possible. We don’t want to use CGI,” added Manoj Punjabi.

From before the shoot, the commitment not to use CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) effects was Awi and Manoj’s initial plan.

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110 Snakes in Dancer Village Community Service Film, 40 Snakes Escaped

In addition to wanting the scene to look more real, using real snakes is also so that the players can bring the story back to life.

“We want it to look real, because if we use CGI it won’t be real. The advantage of this film is that the snake is really real and helps our emotions carry over,” said Manoj.

During the shooting of the KKN Desa Penari film, there was a tense story when 40 snakes ran away. Luckily the handler was able to catch the snake again.

“The handler managed to collect another 38 snakes. But there were two missing until they were not found,” said Awi.

Delayed Viewing Many Times

A total of 110 snakes in the KKN Film Desa Penari were mobilized for the needs of the scene. In addition, the screening of the horror film produced by MD Pictures was delayed several times.

Initially, the film’s schedule for showing in theaters was March 19, 2020. However, the screening was delayed due to the closure of cinemas due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Almost two years later, the film KKN Desa Penari was finally announced to be showing in theaters on February 24, 2022.

But the spike in the Omicron case made the official KKN Penari Village account again announce the postponement of its broadcast schedule. In the end, the film, directed by MD Pictures, locked the screening schedule on April 30, 2022.

Adinda Thomas entangled with 5 snakes in KKN Film in Dancer Village

This MD Pictures film has broken records for being the highest-grossing horror film of all time. It is evident from the number of viewers within 12 days, reaching 4.5 million people.

One of the main actors in the film KKN Desa Penari, Adinda Thomas, feels grateful because millions of people have watched the film she starred in.

Adinda Thomas, who plays Widya, admitted that she still remembers her experience during the shooting. But what he remembers most is when he had to play the scene of his body being wrapped in a snake.

The beautiful 28-year-old woman said that the scene was not engineered using CGI technology. But really a real snake. A total of 110 snakes in the Dancer Village Community Service Film were deployed

He revealed, there were five snakes wrapped around his body. One snake weighs up to 5 kilograms. Even though Adinda herself is afraid of the animal.

“That’s something that is really very challenging. Thank God, the crew members helped him because they already knew that I was afraid of snakes. So, no one really uses CGI, it’s a real snake,” said Adinda Thomas.

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Feeling Burdened

There are 110 snakes in the Dance Village Community Service Film for scene purposes. Adinda Thomas admitted that he felt burdened when he received an offer to play in the film KKN Desa Penari directed by Awi Suryadi.

The reason is, before the story of KKN in the Dancer Village was brought to the big screen, it had gone viral on Twitter.

Not only that, when he received an offer to play in the horror film, Adinda Thomas also had time to participate in the casting for two different characters, namely Widya and Nur.

“The burden when casting I got an offer for the character of Nur or Widya. It turned out that I was chosen to be Widya. Meanwhile, who plays Nur is Tissa Biani. When I asked Tissa, it turned out that she also initially received an offer as Widya or Nur,” said Adinda.

“I really didn’t expect it, because when I was casting I didn’t really expect it. Because it’s already famous, and I don’t know how many people have participated in the casting,” he added.

Develop Character

As soon as he got a plot to play Widya’s character, Adinda Thomas immediately developed the character.

In fact, the 110 Snakes in the Dancer Village Community Service Film were for the purposes of the scene for Adinda Thomas, who plays Widya.

“We get directions and plots about Widya’s character. I also continue to develop it from reading only from there,” concluded Adinda Thomas. (R3/HR-Online/Editor-Eva)

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